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Date Picks Tips Result
13/06 Brazil Vs Venezuela Over 2.5 3:0
13/06 England Vs Croatia 1X 1:0
12/06 Inglewood Utd Vs Armadale BTTS/GG 2:0
12/06 ECU Joondalup Vs Gwelup Croatia SC X 1:0
12/06 Balcatta Vs Floreat Athena Over2.5 1:5
12/06 Adelaide Olympic Vs Adelaide U21 X 1:1
12/06 South Adelaide Vs Campbelltown City BTTS/GG 2:2
12/06 Adelaide Comets Vs Adelaide City 1X 2:0
12/06 Redlands Vs Olympic FC Over2.5 1:3
12/06 West Canberra Wanderers Vs Monaro Panthers BTTS/GG 1:3
12/06 Central Coast Mariners Vs Macarthur FC 1X 0:0
12/06 Wales Vs Switzerland 1X 1:1
12/06 Belgium Vs Russia 1X 3:0
12/06 BATE Vs Neman 1 3:0
12/06 Sputnik Vs Din. Minsk 2 0:5
12/06 Ham-Kam Vs Stroemmen 1X 2:0
11/06 Offenbach Vs Mainz II 1 1:0
11/06 SV Worgl Vs Kufstein BTTS/GG 2:1
11/06 Schwaz Vs Hall Over 2.5 3:0
11/06 Manly Utd Vs APIA Tigers BTTS/GG 2:1
11/06 Brisbane U21 Vs Peninsula BTTS/GG 1:2
11/06 All Boys Vs Barracas Central 1X 0:0
11/06 Kuwait Vs Jordan X 0:0
11/06 China Vs Maldives Over2.5 5:0
11/06 Afghanistan Vs Oman 2X 1:2
11/06 Malaysia Vs Vietnam 2X 1:2
11/06 Indonesia Vs United Arab Emirates Over2.5 0:5
11/06 Nepal Vs Australia Over2.5 0:3
11/06 Cambodia Vs Iran Over 2.5 0:10
11/06 Turkey Vs Italy 2 0:3

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Tips that you should Follow to Predict a Football Match

As an accurate football match prediction site, which predicts football matches in the best possible way, we will give you some tips following which you can predict football games correctly and maximize your possibilities of winning with your match Predictions.
Well, predicting football is quite an easy thing; however, predicting matches correctly or accurately is a different ballgame totally. Whether all you require is predictions for today’s football matches or football matches predictions for tomorrow, you can easily predict football. and win following some easy tips:
  • Present form of team
  • Playing conditions (Away or home match)
  • Teams with long winning lines say 7 or 8 or 9 are most likely to end it sooner or later. You should stay away from those teams, which lost their last football match, particularly in case you are unaware of the reason for that.
  • Past records against opponent and injuries
  • Ground records (in case ground has a low goal-scoring ration, you can never predict who will be a goal scorer easily)
  • Before predicting a football match accurately, you should familiar with different betting symbols, signs, and abbreviations
  • The big teams are definitely the answer every time because big teams also have good days and bad days. Moreover, players who play in the big teams even get injured like other players. The big teams have on and off pitch clashes that is a precise demolisher of a team’s form.
  • Don’t forget to consider the change of coach, coach ban or coach sack. This is a horrifying situation since a load of individuals who predict football don’t familiar with this and those who aware of it don’t consider while trying to predict matches accurately. The absence of the coach, particularly through ban is therefore in most cases a huge blow on the confidence level of a team.
Follow these tips and win a football match.