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As for “Arsenal”, the year 2024 has started successfully for it. Moreover, the team set its own personal record for more than 130 years of history. “Canoniers” won the first seven matches of the championship for the first time in the calendar year. They managed to defeat:

  • 5:0 “Crystal Palace”
  • 1:2 “Nottingham Forest”
  • 3:1 “Liverpool”;
  • 0:6 “West Ham”;
  • 0:5 “Burnley”;
  • 4:1 “Newcastle”;
  • 0:6 “Sheffield United”.

As we can see, the team did not just win, it often crushed opponents. It is noteworthy that the same victory over “West Ham” with a score of 0:6 became the largest away game for “Arsenal” in the history of the English Premier League. The team repeated the achievement less than a month later. It is the best demonstration of the impressive form the “Cannoniers” were in.

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As for “Arsenal”, it is also curious that the team lost its last 2 games in 2023. However, it started the new 2024 so great that it simply had no obstacles for it in the English championship for more than 2 months.

What is the reason for Arsenal’s impressive results?

Mikel Arteta’s players have been able to produce a great match before. But the beginning of 2024 for them is characterized primarily by impressive stability. To predict how the team will perform in the future, go through 1xBet registration Ghana. It is available to all adult users. Refill your balance and then predictions for the matches of the “Canoniers” will be a reality.

If we emphasize the main factors that allowed the team to successfully start 2024, they include:

  1. Good form of many leaders. Martin Ødegaard, Kai Havertz, Bukayo Saka and a number of other performers are in excellent condition. Their skill is often enough to achieve the desired result.
  2. The chemistry of the team, where everyone understands their role. It helps them play impressive attacks.
  3. A successful plan for each match. The “Gunners” often achieved an advantage at the start of the game and then they were unstoppable.

Thus, “Arsenal” showed a historic result for themselves. To continue to follow the matches of the team, pass registration in the company 1xBet Ghana. It will allow you to regularly earn money on confrontations involving the London club.