Cá độ bóng rổ Hi88 has now become one of the most popular and vibrant options in the player community. The number of people participating in this game every day is large, bringing excitement and drama that is not inferior to any other type of sports betting.

Basketball betting regulations at bookmaker Hi88

According to Hi88 basketball betting rules, the result after the final whistle will be the basis to determine the win or loss for the player. This sport is different from others in that there are no draws. At the end of four rounds of competition and the two teams have the same score, there will be an extra round to find the winner.

When you bet on a market, the odds will be determined at that time. If your prediction matches the result, you will receive a profit based on the odds. If the prediction is wrong, the player will lose the bet amount.

Notably, if a match is canceled or postponed for any reason, all bets will be void and the staked amount will be refunded to the player.

How do bookmakers price basketball betting odds?

Are you curious to know the mystery behind basketball betting odds at Vietnamese bookmakers? What determines this ratio? Here are some bases:

Decoding how the house makes bets

Strength rankings

To create basketball betting odds, they first use a ranking system from 1 to 30. They will evaluate teams based on many factors such as recent form, opponent records, number of players ,…

Home team advantage

A common advantage of the home team in basketball betting is to add 3 points to the score compared to the away team. This rule is common in many tournaments such as the NBA. It can be clearly seen that the team’s advantage comes from the familiar playing environment, which makes them more confident in playing under the passionate cheers of the audience.

Mental factors before the match

The odds are determined by the invisible hand of the bookmaker, based on factors such as fatigue, motivation and solidarity of the players. Based on the above factors, the bookmaker will set betting odds for basketball matches. Normally, this rate is often set to favor the house and this is also how they make a profit.

Popular basketball betting odds at bookmaker Hi88

The types of odds in basketball betting at Hi888 are set up to bring diversity and excitement to players.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is the easiest type of bet to play, attracting players because of its simplicity and only requiring the player to choose which team will win the match. However, the odds are often lower than other types of odds.

Handicap bet

In case two teams have a difference in strength, a handicap is applied to equalize the odds of winning for the two teams. At the end of the match, the system applies a handicap to the result to determine which team wins and the prize amount for each team.

Over/Under Betting

Request to predict the total score of the match compared to a certain number set by the bookmaker. Players can bet on Over (if the total score is higher) or Under (if the total score is lower) to make a profit.

Odd even bet

It is a simple but no less attractive basketball betting bet, attracting players because of its ease of understanding and relatively high winning rate. This type of bet does not require players to analyze in-depth the tactics or performance of the two teams, but only needs to predict whether the final total score of the match will be even or odd.

Some things to keep in mind when betting on basketball

For new players entering the world of basketball betting at H88, please apply the following useful tips to increase your chances of winning.

  • The prerequisite for participating in basketball betting is to clearly understand the rules of the game. However, many people ignore this and encounter many difficulties in the betting process.
  • Detailed analysis of competing teams, including away and home teams. Besides, you should also pay attention to key players to determine whether they will participate in the match or not.
  • It is important that you choose a reputable and trustworthy bookmaker to ensure a safe betting experience.
  • Avoid placing too many bets at once to avoid losing control.
  • In addition to choosing a team based on personal preferences or impressive performance, paying attention to the competitive spirit factor is also an important factor to pay attention to. If you feel they are tired, sluggish or have had a previous injury, consider carefully.


The above article has shared useful tips to help you effectively participate in basketball betting at Hi88. Try to apply these experiences yourself in a smart and clever way.