Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players in history. He has a lot of team titles and individual awards on his account. By the way, you can now register at and start betting on matches involving all the teams where he was brilliant.

At the age of 38, Ronaldo left European soccer and moved to Saudi Arabia. He continued to show impressive results in his new championship. It is the best proof that Cristiano still can be useful at a respectable age by soccer standards.

So, Cristiano managed to repeatedly make hat-tricks in this championship. Moreover, it was calculated that the Portuguese has made them 30 times before his 30th birthday. However, after that, there are already 33 hat-tricks. In other words, Cristiano has even increased his effectiveness at a mature age.

The most important thing is that his goals helped clubs of the Portuguese national team. By the way, to make betting on their matches even more convenient, use bonuses from Elitebet, which is issued by a reliable brand. With such a reward, bets on all Ronaldo’s matches in Arabia will be even more profitable.

Cristiano has long been a real phenomenon. Individual achievements are very important to him, so he gives 100% in every match. Therefore, it is interesting to follow the games of his teams.

What allowed the Portuguese to make history?

Cristiano is a real example of discipline and motivation. Despite the fact that he has a lot of titles to his name, he regularly gave his best on the pitch. It is largely thanks to this approach that the Portuguese has managed to score more hat-tricks after 30 years. It is easy to follow his current successes in a proven betting company. You can easily make Elitebet prediction on all matches involving the Portuguese team.

Returning to Ronaldo, we can note the secrets of his performance:

  1. Constant focus on the opponents’ goal. The Portuguese had numerous chances in every match. He often converted them into accurate shots.
  2. Excellent play on the “second floor”. Ronaldo is famous for his skill, and the art of jumping out high. Thanks to this, he had almost no equals in top-flight duels.
  3. A set shot. Even with his long-range “shots”, goalkeepers were not easy to cope. Ronaldo regularly looked for opportunities to make a shot and they were often accurate.

Cristiano continued to play well in Saudi Arabia. You can follow this championship at Elitebet, where the prediction is accepted for every match of the local championship. Register and dive into the world of gambling entertainment with the market leader.