FA Cup Winner in 2024

The Football Association Challenge Cup, or Emirates FA Cup, is the oldest national football competition in the world. It started in 1871 and is open to all English Football League System clubs down to level 9. Here’s a fun fact – in 2011-12, a record 763 clubs competed in the FA Cup. Although Premier League clubs are known to achieve remarkable success over lower-tier clubs, there have been occasional upsets on the road to an FA Cup winner. A 2024 example is Bristol City eliminating West Ham during the 3rd round replay. Now, in the 5th round, with only 16 teams left, who is the favorite to win? Discover betting predictions, favorites, and how to place bets on a likely winner below.

FA Cup 2024 Predictions

Six premier league teams have won the FA Cup in the last ten years. They are Manchester City (2023,2019), Liverpool (2022), Leicester (2021), Chelsea (2019), Manchester United (2016) and Arsenal (2020, 2017, 2015, and 2014). These teams are currently some of the strongest in England. As a result, it paints a picture of a likely winner. Of the number, Arsenal is out after losing to Liverpool in the 3rd round. Chelsea faces Aston Villa on 2/7/2023, so whether they will qualify is to be decided. Meanwhile, last year’s winners, Manchester City, Liverpool, Leicester, and Manchester United, are all still kicking strong. Some worthy mentions include Newcastle, Brighton, and the possibility of Aston Villa.

Manchester City is the logical favorite to win the 2024 FA Cup. The Citizens clinched the treble of the club’s first-ever Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup last season. Likewise, they lifted the UEFA Super Cup for the first time in August. Pep Guardiola’s men look to repeat the same feat this year, as they are still contenders for all four cups. Manchester City will face Luton on 27 February. A win guarantees a place in the last 8, one step closer to the final. Apart from this, the return of Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland from Injury is an all-important boost to the title race.

Liverpool is another favorite to win the FA Cup after Manchester City. Although Arsenal ranked ahead of Liverpool but below Manchester City in an earlier survey, their elimination leaves the spot open for Jurgen Klopp’s men. The 2022 FA Cup winners currently lead the Premier League table with two points between them and arch-rival City, although the latter has a game in hand. Plus, Klopp recently announced his departure at the end of the season. Hence, the team will do their best to ensure a befitting farewell.

Favorites and Betting Odds

Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Brighton, and Newcastle top the list of the favorites to win the FA Cup in that order. The bottom ranking features Aston Villa and Wolves.

Manchester City is the absolute favorite with a (3/1 or 4.0) odds. Next is Liverpool (4/1 or 5.0) and Manchester United (8/1 or 9.0). Others include Chelsea (10/1 or 11.0), Brighton (12/1 or 13.0), Newcastle (12/1 or 13.0), Aston Villa (18/1 or 19.0), and Wolves (20/1 or 21.0).

Manchester United is the third favorite to clinch the title ahead of Liverpool and Manchester City. However, Erik Ten Hag’s men have been nothing short of a disaster up to this point. The road could even be gloomier if they face Aston Villa or Chelsea.

Tips for Successful Betting

Manchester City has the highest chance of winning the FA Cup, with 37% certainty, as implied by the latest bookmakers’ odds and betting tips. Next is Liverpool (25%), Manchester United (11%) and Newcastle (10%). So, what does this mean for a punter? Besides predicting outright winners, punters who like sports betting online can bet on different wagering options. For instance, money/to win or draw, handicap, totals over/under, and prop bets. Meanwhile, sportsbooks offer impressive bonuses to reduce risk and increase winning potential.

Despite the appeal, sports betting is not a stroll in the park – you need a strategy and meticulous planning to maximize the opportunity. First, consider the statistics: analyze the team’s recent performance, home and away results, and the number of goals scored or conceded. The analysis will help you understand the strengths or weaknesses of the remaining 16 teams.

Another thing to consider is absences due to injuries or suspension and returns. Earling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne are back in the Manchester City squad. In contrast, Mo Salah (Liverpool) picked up an injury while at the AFCON, while Lisandro Martinez (Manchester United) will be unavailable for eight weeks. Note how these absences or returns will affect the team’s performance and make a decision based on it. Other factors to consider are head-to-head matches, team motivation, and style of play.

Beyond analyzing a match, stay updated with the latest team news, injuries, and coaching changes. Monitor for any information that can impact the team’s performance. Apart from this, study each team’s style of play to understand their tactics. Most importantly, manage your bankroll – responsible betting prevents gambling problems and helps you secure more wins than losses. Likewise, it protects your capital in case of losses, so set a budget, stick to it and don’t chase losses. Withdraw winnings, take breaks from winning or losing streaks, and use responsible gambling tools when needed.

Final Thoughts

The FA Cup has an iconic history; each year has its drama. It features hundreds of teams, including the big guns and lesser-known teams. As a result, the competition provides a middle ground for all, and it is not uncommon to witness upsets. Currently, 16 teams are left in the tournament, including favorites like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Manchester United. Other teams to monitor include Chelsea, Newcastle, and Brighton. The road to Wembley is still long. Therefore, we suggest you observe changes affecting a team’s performance and use our betting tips to make an informed decision. We wish you good luck with your wagers.