Harry Kane

Harry Kane names Man City & Real Madrid as favourites to win Champions League

Harry Kane: “The aspiration of this club is to win all competitions although it’s true that the Champions League is a very difficult competition with great teams. We have to go step by step and first to win this very difficult match today against United. I’m very excited to play my first game with Bayern in Europe. The idea is to win it (the Champions League) but you have to go step by step and the best step is to start with a win today”

Favourites to win the Champions League?

Kane: “I’m not so sure, although, of course, you always have to mention Manchester City as the current champion. Then there’s Real Madrid with their fantastic history and I think Bayern are also among the favourites. Of course, the Champions League is a very difficult competition with great games against magnificent teams and you never know what can happen. Our goal is to control what we can control and give our best.”

Do you think that City are a step above the rest?

Kane: “I don’t think so. We know that City has great players and their level has been very high in recent years with an extraordinary coach like Guardiola. From Bayern’s point of view we focus on what we can control and not on our rivals. If we meet Manchester City, we will be prepared for it. But all the big clubs have their aspiration to win it and Bayern will be focused on that. That’s why they signed me”

Maybe one of the differences is that winning the Premier League was a success, but winning the Bundesliga for Bayern is an obligation, since they have won the last 11 in a row..

Kane: “Of course, everyone here expects us to win the League but that doesn’t make it easier. The Bundesliga has grown a lot as a competition and teams are getting better and better. I consider it a difficult competition to win. For me personally, it’s a challenge to win it and I want to feel that emotion. I think we can improve our start to the league.

I’ve already been able to experience the atmosphere of the Bundesliga a little bit, although it’s still early to establish differences. Time will tell where there’s more intensity but for now I am enjoying the new stadiums, the new environments and the fans, which is fascinating.”


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