Odds in football is something that every bettor needs to know to be able to bet effectively and win on Fun88 online bookie. Let’s learn how to read odds in football betting on Fun88 through the article below.

How to read different types of odds on Fun88 football betting

American odds

On the surface, American odds appear to be a little hazy. They aren’t as simple to understand as fractional or decimal odds. American odds are predicated on $100; however, depending on whether or not the wager is favored, how they relate to $100 differs on Fun88.

The bet odds for favorites indicate how much you must wager in order to win $100. The odds usually begin with a negative number. You would have to wager $110 to win $100 if the odds were -110, which is a frequent value for a wager with a spread.

Of course, wagers need not be that large, but the ratio will remain the same anyway. With -200 odds, a $10 wager would return $5 in addition to the original $10 wager.

Bets on the underdog are odds with a plus sign. You can calculate your expected profit from a $100 wager using plus odds. A $100 wager with +200 odds results in a $200 profit in addition to the $100 wager.

It is possible to list the infrequent even money odds as -100, +100, or EV.

Fractional odds

Although they are more prevalent outside of the United States, decimal and fractional odds are also present in select American sportsbooks. Both follow similar morals.

In the name implies, fractional odds on Fun88 bookie are presented in fractions, such as 3-1 or 7-4. The profit can be calculated by multiplying a wager amount by the fraction. If you bet $10 at 3-1 odds, you’ll get your $10 back plus a profit of $30.

A $10 wager at 7-4 odds would return $17.50 in addition to the initial $10 stake. Divide the $10 by the denominator, which is four, and multiply the result by the numerator, which in this case is seven. That gives you 17.50 when you divide 70 by 4.

Favorite bets on Fun88 will have denominators like 1-2 or 2-5 that are larger than the numerators. In bets on underdogs, the numerator will be more than the denominator, as in the aforementioned instances.

The most popular application of fractional odds in America is futures betting, where practically all of the odds have a denominator of 1, making them simpler to comprehend.

Decimal odds

For decimal odds football betting on Fun88 bookie, the amount a successful wager would win on a $1 wager is represented by a single number. If the odds are given as 6, a winning wager would earn $5 in addition to the initial $1 stake. Any wager between 1 and 2 is a favored wager, while wagers on 2 are even money.

When fractional odds involve ugly fractions, these are more frequently used outside of the US. American odds of -115, for instance, are pretty typical, yet they translate to 20–23 in fractional odds. Quickly calculate the return on a $10 wager with odds of 20–23.

The decimal odds for this $10 wager would be given as 1.87, which would make the calculation much easier. By dividing the chances by the bet, you may get the return that includes the initial stake. Much easier, right? The reimbursement would be $18.70. Decimal odds might be preferred in this scenario by Fun88 bettors.


Above are the most common football odds that bettors on Fun88 bookie need to know to know what kind of odds they are betting on and how much they will win if they win. Be sure to regularly bet on football at Fun88 bookie to better understand the odds.