From its humble beginnings in the 02/03 football season, when only 76,000 registered users were signed up to play, to today as almost 9 million people are competing, it’s safe to say that Fantasy Premier League has quite simply exploded in popularity.

It is a game that has brought the world closer together, as there are users from all over the world matching up against each other. A head-to-head league game could pit an FPL manager from England against one from Vietnam or Nepal, such is the global outreach of Fantasy Premier League.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the 21st century if something so popular did not spawn a new avenue of the internet, and with that, FPL ‘consultancy’ sites were born. These sites are made up of people who strive to push the most up-to-date news and statistics to help players get the most out of their game, from the latest injury news to premier league predicted line-ups.

FPL: What’s on offer?

However, it is not just the pride you can take in beating your friends, family members, and fellow co-workers on offer as an achievement for being good at Fantasy Premier League. The winner of the FPL is showered with gifts, which include a 7-night break in the UK, including VIP hospitality at two 2022/23 Premier League matches, which includes travel and 7 nights’ accommodation, a Hublot connected watch, and a copy of the latest FIFA and a games console to name just a few of the prizes they award.

The runner-up prize is not too shabby either, with the silver medalist receiving VIP hospitality at one Premier League game, with travel and accommodation included for 2 nights, a tablet computer, a Bluetooth speaker and a games console, amongst other FPL goodies. Yet, while you may be thinking it is impossible to come out on top against 9million people, FPL also gives out weekly and monthly prizes to the top managers around the globe. Who doesn’t want a FPL goody bag consisting of a rucksack, t-shirt, mug, water bottle, stress ball, pen, pad and key ring?

But to be in a shout to win these prizes, your FPL game needs to be on point. That’s where FPL guide sites come in. To help you make sure you are maximising your points and getting the edge on the competition, websites and podcast channels, such as the official Fantasy Premier League fan site, push the information you need to stay on top of your FPL game.

FPL predicted line-ups

For instance, these sites will use statistical information, data analysis, and betting odds, as well as the latest team news, news on injuries, possible suspensions, player form and a small bit of genuine footballing knowledge, to make Premier League lineup predictions. This helps make sure you don’t have players in your FPL team’s lineup who won’t feature in their team’s Premier League starting XI.

It has become a rule of thumb for many successful FPL managers not to confirm their transfers, captains, and starting line-ups until they have checked the predicted Premier League lineups for that GW. The number of points lost on players who don’t feature in a starting line-up would surprise you, and in a game where a very small margin can be the difference between manager of the week or 10th best, these points can be crucial. Michael Coone, who won last year’s overall competition, finished with a final score of 2680, a mere 5 points above the runner-up.

Taking 2 minutes out of your daily schedule to check the FPL’s predicted lineups could literally be the difference between you winning a new PS5 or groaning to your colleagues in the morning after a completed gameweek, complaining about how you didn’t know your captain got injured in training that week.

It is no secret anymore that to do well in FPL you need to have a few tips and strategies up your sleeve. Anyone who has ever done anything even remotely successful in sport has done so with the help of their coaches from the sidelines. So, let FPL guide sites coach you, as you climb your league rankings.