Advantages and disadvantages of Instant Roulette: what makes this version of roulette unique and what players should pay attention to

Evolution Gaming, the largest and most prominent live casino game developer in the world, released Instant Roulette at the ICE 2020. Ever since, the game has become one of the most popular live roulette variants among players, and it’s present in the majority of top online casinos. But what makes this game so unique, and why is it so popular?

The Evolution Gaming live roulette games portfolio includes many titles, such as Lightning Roulette and European VIP Roulette, but Instant Roulette is very different. The main feature of this game is that there is no wait time – you can play whenever you want with zero delay.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the features of Instant Roulette, the advantages and disadvantages it has over other instant roulette variants, and tell you what you should pay attention to.

Instant Roulette Unique Features

Instant roulette uses the European roulette wheel, as with many other roulette variants you can find at, which means that there is only one zero. The Return to Player ratio is 97.30%, which puts the house edge at 2.70%. The gameplay is the standard European roulette variant, with one exception: you are playing on 12 roulette wheels simultaneously.

Before you get intimidated, let us elaborate. There are 12 roulette wheels that are spinning at the same time, but they are not spun by a dealer. Instead, they are Auto Roulette wheels, which means that the ball is shot by an air jet. So, when you place a wager, you don’t wait at all. The game will select the next wheel that’s available, and you can monitor the wheel where you’re playing. Then, when the ball lands, you will immediately know if you have won or not.

Although there are 12 wheels, they don’t spin simultaneously. Instead, they have been synchronized to spin sequentially, so there’s always at least one wheel available for betting. The main difference in this variant when compared to other European roulette variants is that there is no waiting time, and there’s no limit on the betting time. All you need to do is press ‘Play Now’, and you’ve got all the time in the world to decide where you’ll place your chips.

Instant Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

Instant roulette is indeed a very useful tool for the player that would want to have a fixed betting strategy. This is because there are no times for betting; you will have enough time to check your cheat sheet or strategy before taking the next bet. At the same time, this is the very game for lovers of dynamics, not crazy about waiting until all participants of the gaming table make their bet. However, with Instant Roulette, there are some cons as well. Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of this game.


  • No time limits for betting
  • The fastest gameplay of all roulette games
  • You can place announced bets via Racetrack
  • House edge of just 2.70%
  • Handy Statistics tab that shows all the important info


  • Autoplay is not available for this game
  • You don’t get to choose the roulette wheel where you are playing at

Conclusion: What Should You Pay Attention to When Playing Instant Roulette?

If you’re bored with the classic European variant and you want a faster-paced roulette game or you need more time when placing bets, Instant Roulette can be a great option. This game offers several unique features that make it worth the time, but you should pay attention to the fact that you don’t get to choose the roulette wheel yourself, but the game automatically selects the first of the 12 wheels that’s available.