In soccer betting, Asian handicap is the most popular type of bet that bookmakers often offer. However, for new players there is still a lot of confusion about this type of betting. Below, nhà cái uy tín will introduce to you about this bet and how to do it with Asian odds exactly.

Concept of Asian handicap

Asian Handicap is also widely known to bettors with names like Handicap or Handicap… This type of betting has been around for a long time and always attracts all players to participate. To play this bet, bettors need to clearly understand the two teams competing in that match.

Currently, when betting is increasingly developing, Asian handicap is no exception. In Asian handicaps, there are currently different types of bets such as over/under bets, corner kick bets, card bets… One thing new players should remember is that Asian handicaps are only based on the official 90 minutes. of the match, not including extra time.

Concept of Asian handicapping

Asian odds is the process of analyzing and predicting the results of sports matches, especially football, using Asian odds set by bookmakers. In Asian odds, betting participants will consider factors such as force information, confrontation records, transfer information and other factors to make betting decisions.

Concept of Asian handicapping

The goal of Asian handicapping

Target of Asian odds is to find betting opportunities to increase your chances of winning within the odds offered by the house. To increase your winning percentage in Asian handicaps, players must follow these steps:

  • Data analysis: Players will analyze information about recent performance, previous match results, head-to-head results, business news, player deals and other possible factors. affect the match result.
  • Determine odds: Based on data analysis, players will evaluate whether the odds offered by the bookmaker accurately reflect a team’s ability to win. If players believe that these odds do not reflect reality, they will seek to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Smart betting: Based on the above analysis, players will bet intelligently, choosing betting options that they believe have a higher chance of winning than the recommended bet level.

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Asian betting method is popular today

To Asian odds really effective, the first thing to do is for players to clearly understand Asian handicaps. That leads to the most accurate bet determination. We will briefly introduce some ratios fish Betting on the following Asian handicaps:

Asian betting method is popular today

Ball odds

What is at the top of the list of some popular odds in Asian handicaps? That is the same ball bet. In a football match, if the difference in level between two teams is almost non-existent, bookmakers will often offer a match, where both teams will have an equal chance to win. In this case, there will be no handicap and players will bet on the team they believe will win the match. With this bet, there will be a simple understanding as follows:

  • If the player bets on one of the two teams, at the end of the match that team wins, everyone wins the bet. On the contrary, if that team loses the match, everyone loses the bet.
  • If the final result of the match ends with a draw, the player will tie the bet and get their bet back regardless of which team they pick.

Handicap 0.5 left

The 0.5 left handicap is the next bet on the list of popular odds in Asian handicaps. This bet is also known as ½ of a bet that refers to the upper team handicapping the lower team by half a goal. And the winning or losing results in this bet are determined based on the match results and are determined as follows:

  • The player wins the bet when choosing the underdog if the match ends in victory for the overteam and vice versa.
  • If the match result is a draw or loss, the player who chooses the upper bet will lose the entire bet amount and if he chooses the lower team, he will win the entire bet.

Handicap 1 goal

Next on that list is the 1-goal handicap. This is a type of handicap in sports betting, often used in football matches. In this handicap, a team that is considered more dominant will handicap 1 goal against the weaker team when the match starts. Specifically, if you bet on the upper team:

  • If that team wins the match by a difference of 2 goals or more, the player wins the bet.
  • If that team wins the match with a difference of 1 goal or there is a draw, the player will return the bet amount.
  • If that team loses the match then the player will lose the bet.

Handicap 2 goals

This is a bet on the list of popular odds: What is the Asian handicap? which we would like to introduce. In sports betting, this is a type of handicap in football matches. In this handicap, a team that is considered to have the upper hand will concede two goals to the weaker team when the match starts.

When you bet on a team with a 2-goal handicap:

  • If that team wins the match with a difference of 3 goals or more, the player wins the bet.
  • If that team wins the match by a difference of 2 goals, the player’s bet will be refunded.
  • If the match ends with a difference of one goal, the player will lose the bet.
  • If your team draws or loses, the player loses the bet.

Some notes when looking at Asian odds

When looking at Asian odds, there are some important notes that bettors need to consider as follows:

Some notes when looking at Asian odds

Analyze complete information

Players need to collect and analyze information related to the match, including force information, recent performance, head-to-head results, player transfers and some other sideline news. can affect the match result.

Advantage of playing at home

A team that plays at home will have many advantages such as psychology, audience, familiar stadium… and may also receive favor from the referee controlling the match.

Consider injury factors and the playing squad

Injuries that prevent the coach from fielding the strongest lineup can affect the final result of the match. Updating injury news is very important.

Understand all types of bets

Players need to understand the types of Asian odds and how to understand them to be able to make accurate predictions and take advantage of betting opportunities.

Not affected by emotions

Players need to make decisions based on actual information and analysis, and should not let emotions dominate or bet on their favorite team.

Bet with a reputable bookmaker

Choose a large, reputable and trustworthy bookmaker to ensure that you will receive fair odds and related support services.


Through the article above, we have introduced everyone to issues related to Asian handicap such as the concept, how to predict Asian handicap and also the notes that bettors need to understand.