OKVIP recruitment is a super hot program right now. It is known that this is Asia’s leading prestigious entertainment alliance. Currently, this unit is recruiting employees for many different positions and this is a great opportunity you should not miss.

Special benefits when participating in OKVIP recruitment

OKVIP is an attractive alliance specializing in providing leading online entertainment services in Asia. The brand also regularly organizes recruitment programs to recruit talented people to help the unit grow even stronger. Below are special benefits when you become an official employee at the OKVIP alliance.

Special benefits when participating in OKVIP recruitment
  • Receive a salary 20% higher than the income in the same position at other bookmakers. If you achieve enough KPIs and complete assigned tasks well, the number of rewards will certainly increase a lot.
  • OKVIP tuyển dụng also clearly stated that the unit will provide full insurance policies in accordance with the terms of the contract as well as the Ministry of Labor such as: Health insurance, Occupational accident, Retirement,…
  • Employees are entitled to 4 days off/month including holidays, weekends or holidays and special days.
  • For those without experience, they will be supported and develop their skills through courses such as: Workshops, Free Seminars.
  • The headquarters of the OKVIP alliance is located in Moc Bai and the unit will support employees to go directly there to work, with free residence support and full food allowance.

OKVIP vacancies are receiving the most attention

With the aim of expanding its scope of operations towards becoming the world’s leading entertainment venue, the OKVIP alliance is currently recruiting many talented people. It opens up extremely attractive work opportunities with a dream source of income for many people. So update the job positions below to become an official employee and enjoy many attractive benefits:

The most notable OKVIP vacancies in 2024

Sale online

The hottest job in the program OKVIP recruitment is online sales. This is a job suitable for everyone regardless of gender, ages 20 to 30. In general, candidates do not need to have previous experience when applying because they will be trained from the beginning. However, if you have the ability to speak and persuade others, it will be a great advantage

Not only that, employees need to be knowledgeable about online sales and advertising methods. If you complete your assigned tasks well, your salary can be up to 30 million/month.

Recruiting OKVIP SEO

This is an important job that directly affects the development of the brand. Accordingly, the group is recruiting for both offline and online positions. For an offline position, you have to work at the Cambodian carpentry facility with a salary ranging from 30 – 50 million/month. Meanwhile, when working online, you will receive 15 – 20 million/month.

OKVIP rolls out the carpet to welcome talented people

With work OKVIP recruitment this requires you to be knowledgeable about many areas related to SEO. At the same time, you must have experience and work in this position before.

Making content for OKVIP

If you are a person with good writing skills and love typing, you cannot ignore this job. For the OKVIP content position of the alliance, you will be responsible for writing articles for the website according to the keywords given by the unit.

Not only that, it is necessary to rely on management requirements and simultaneously build many different types of content. Currently this position is recruiting in two forms: offline and online, so you can choose the most suitable one.

IT position

OKVIP recruitment many people are interested in IT positions because this is the job with the most attractive income source. This job requires candidates to have experience related to the information technology industry such as: Website development, proficient use of applications. If you complete the job well, you will earn about 25 – 30 million/month.

Facebook Ads location

OKVIP recruitment for the Facebook Ads position is advertising work to introduce popular projects of the alliance on social networking platforms. Applying for this position requires you to have a creative mind, always update new trends and know how to influence customer psychology.


Above are the locations OKVIP recruitment is currently being deployed at this prestigious entertainment alliance. Apply now to participate in a dynamic working environment and earn yourself an attractive source of income.