Ahn Jung-Hwan, Son Heung-min, Park Ji-Sung and Ki Sung Yueng are these The best player in Korean football. There is also the legendary Cha Bum Kun also appearing on this list.

Korean football, along with Japan, are major powers in Asia. Countries that have been considered the “bogey men” of Asian football for many years have had shining stars in Europe. Together colatv roll call theseThe best player in Korean football in the content of this article.

Top 5. Excellent legend of Korea – Cha Bum-Kun

Cha Bum-kun is an excellent Korean football legend

Father Bum-kun can be considered an excellent legend of Korean football. The first person to go abroad and compete successfully in Europe was none other than him.

Played in the German Bundesliga championship and proved he could play football at a high level in Europe. A starting role in the squad of SV Darmstadt 98, Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen is confirmation of this legend’s talent.

Possessing many titles while playing football in Germany, along with 135 caps for the national team, scoring 58 goals. What a flawed listThe best player in Korean football Missing Cha Bum-kun.

Top 4. Best Korean football player – A.Jung-Hwan

When it comes to excellent Korean football players, Korean football fans probably don’t forget Ahn Jung-Hwan. The striker scored a goal against Italy in the 2002 World Cup season. The hero of Korean football in the final round that year brought Korean football to the semi-finals of a World Cup.

At club level, the striker has played in Italy, Japan, France, Germany and China. Participated in both the 2006 and 2010 World Cups and was quite successful with the Kim Chi team. Ahn Jung-Hwan’s talent is recognized by football fans throughout Asia.

Top 3. Excellent player Ki Sung-Yueng

Ki Sung-Yueng is a Korean central midfielder who played successfully in England. An extremely excellent person in Korean football who possesses good technique, passing and creating ability worthy of Europe. Currently, he is still competing at the highest level in his home country after 10 years of fighting in England.

Talented midfielder who played for Swansea City, Sunderland, Newcastle United, etc. Has different achievements and has played in the World Cup, Asian Cup, and Olympics. An excellent player of Korean football that cannot be ignored.

Top 2. Midfielder Park Ji-Sung

The best player in Korean footballWhether Park Ji-Sung or Son Heung-min is still controversial. However, the talent of this “three-lung man” from Korea certainly cannot be denied. The person was regularly given opportunities at PSV and later MU.

Park helped PSV reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Champion League and then played and won the Champion League with MU in 2008, something Son Heung-min could not achieve.

A player famous for his enthusiasm in every step of his run, the nickname “Three Lungs” also shows this player’s extremely good physical strength. In 7 seasons playing for the Red Devils, he scored 27 goals in a total of 207 matches. Owns 4 Premier League titles, 3 League Cups, 1 UEFA Champions League and 1 Club World Cup.

On the national team, Park had 100 appearances and scored 13 goals. He also contributed significantly to the fourth place campaign at the 2002 World Cup. In Korea, the name Park Ji Sung is as famous as any entertainment star.

Top 1. Best Korean football player – Son Heung-Min

Son Heung-min deserves to be considered the successor of Park Ji Sung and lThe best player in Korean football. The attacking midfielder is playing in England for the Tottenham Hotspur football club. Currently, he is also the captain of the Tottenham club and the Korean national football team.

Possessing a contract with Tottenham for 22 million pounds, he became the most expensive Asian player in history. Although he has not yet won the Premier League and UEFA Champions League cups, this is a player who has shown many things. This player’s ability to score goals, accelerate, finish, and technically is unquestionable. Together with the Korean Olympics, they reached the quarterfinals of the Rio 2016 Olympics and won a gold medal at ASIAD 2018. Not only is he an excellent Korean player, Son Heung-min is also currently in the top of excellent players. most in Asia.


Top 5 The best player in Korean footballhas been revealed. Son Heung-min or Park Ji Sung is better than you, you have the answer. Hopefully the above information has helped you co la tv favorable More beneficial, more understanding.