Betting on football in Australia is a popular activity. Aussies are betting on everything from match outcomes to player performances to overall league standings. As grand connoisseurs and fans of Australian football, especially the Australian Football League, they frequently make wagers that involve their own players. In this article, we’ll tell you something very interesting about football betting Australia. That is, who are the 5 best Aussie bettors who won by guessing football odds.

Some Australia Football Betting Tips

Before we jump into discussing the grand wins and lucky guesses, let us give you a bit of advice on how to join those winners. Everyone of legal age can now bet on sports in Australia. Sports betting Australia is even available online, so you no longer have to commute to a bookie or give someone a call to place a wager.

With the option to do this online come an array of betting choices. You can now bet on everything. There are hundreds of combinations, different odds across different sites, and amazing opportunities to win some money. To be secure and get the best out of online betting, start with the best $10 dollar deposit bonus given at top-rated casinos. This will give you a chance to boost your betting budget with some bonuses, and help you prevent big losses.

Choosing the right bookmaker or online casino betting Australia is vital if you want this experience to be safe and positive. You want to withdraw your winnings when you decide to do so, and making sure that you use the right site is the first step to do this.

Once you make sure you’re doing soccer betting Australia on the right website, here are a few more tips for you to follow:

  • Carefully follow the matches. This is a game of guessing and what better way to guess accurately than know the results from previous matches? It’s not enough to bet on the highest-paid footballer to score a goal. You need to know every player’s performance, both teams’ results, and any latest stats or information that can affect the game’s outcome. This is how you make the most promising football bets.
  • Follow expert predictions. Some people do this professionally, and you can follow them for useful tips and predictions. You can do this on social media. Many of the experts have active profiles where they share stats, tips, and data.
  • Scour for good odds. The odds are not the same on all websites. They can vary greatly, so scour a few safe betting pages before you make your wagers.

The Biggest Aussie Football Bets Made Recently

Every punter in the world aspires to win a fortune from betting on sports. In most cases, you know exactly what the winning potential is when you place a bet. If you want to win big, you need to bet on high odds or bet higher amounts. Well, there are a few people in the world that have done this so successfully, the amount they won changed their lives.

Let’s take a look at 5 of them.  

The amount won The year
$500,000 win with nearly impossible odds 2001
$400,000 win on 12-game multi-bet 2020
$250,000 win on Hawtorn at $1.03 against the Gold Coast Suns 2019
$90,450 win on 3-game multi-bet 2019
$69.979 win collected from a $10 multi-bet on AFL results 2017

While most of the bettors’ names are not available to the public, the amounts they won certainly are impressive. Let’s delve a bit into details.

1. The Player who Won $500,000

You don’t even have to bet big if you successfully guess a nearly-impossible bet. Take, for instance, the biggest football betting win of all time. The biggest football bet in the world happened in 2001 when Mick Gibbs, a Staffordshire roofer landed a $500,000 won after placing 30p on a bet with nearly-impossible odds – 1.6 million to one. Gibbs predicted the winners of the English football leagues and the National League. But, Gibbs was not the only person who won a lot with football betting. There are some Aussie players who won amazing bets. Let’s take a look at them.  

2. The Aussie Punter Who Won $400,000

In 2020, an Aussie punter got richer for almost half a million after he made a successful 12-game bet. It all came down to the match between the Roosters and the Tigers. This must have been quite adrenaline-pumping for the bettor after he guessed 11 matches accurately.

At this point, the Roosters were playing without their star players: Mitch Aubusson, Luke Keary, and Lachlan Lam due to injuries. The chances that they couldn’t beat the Tigers were increasing as the game progressed. However, this one gambler was truly lucky. The tri-colored team won 38 points to 16 and thrashed the Tigers in the match.

The bettor picked 12 different matches in the AFL, as well as the NRL, Champions League, and Europa League Soccer. He had one game from the NBA Playoffs, too. His total bet amount was high, too – $753 in total spread across two 12-leg multis.

3. The Punter Who Won $250,000 on Hawtorn

In 2019, the biggest and most successful sports bet was one punter’s wager on Hawthorn to beat the Gold Coast Suns. This was in the Round 22 of the AFL and the bettor wagered $1.03 to win this high amount. The gameplay was painless compared to the previous story. The Hawks romped to a win of 70 points, which resulted in a big profit for the bettor.

4. The Punter Who Won $90,450 during the Melbourne Cup

Another successful punter placed $20 on 3 matches in 2019. He bet on Richmond to win the AFL. He bet on the Roosters to win the NRL. And, he bet on Wow and Declare to win the entire Melbourne Cup. This small, yet very successful bet brought the winner $90,450.

5. The Punter Who Won $70,000

Lastly, one lucky punter won nearly $70,000 from a bet as small as $10! The gambler placed his wagers on Sportsbet, selecting winners of 9 matches with odds of 6997:1. Such small investments resulting in grand wins are proof of how important it is to follow match results and news, and how much a lucky guess can change a person’s life. He placed a multi-bet on every margin in the AFL in every game –and won.

Wrapping Up

Have you been making nearly impossible bets? Or, are you betting safe but investing more to end up winning a lot? Whichever method you choose, a win like the ones in this list can change your life. So, good luck!