Learning and understanding how to use decimal odds when betting online on W88 bookie will bring bettors many advantages. The following article will help readers and bettors on W88 bookie understand more about decimal odds in betting.

What do decimal odds mean on W88 bookie?

The probabilities of a decimal are represented as positive numbers with one or two decimal places. When calculating decimal odds, the smaller number denotes a team’s advantage, while the higher number denotes the underdog.

W88 decimal odds initially assist us in identifying the favorites and underdogs in a battle, but there is more to consider. You can figure out payouts, inferred probabilities, and how bookmakers believe the game will most likely end up.

A game that is effectively a toss-up, for instance, would have odds as close as 1.85 and 2.05 on the moneyline. The range could alternatively be substantially wider, possibly ranging between 1.50 and 3.50, or in the middle, between 1.70 and 2.25, for instance.

How to calculate returns when placing decimal bets on W88

Your reward if you win will depend on the odds in effect at the time you placed your wager on W88 bookie. Your initial investment plus any winnings from the wager will comprise the overall return. You can calculate the return using decimal odds quite simply:

Decimal odds’ probable return on investment: Payout = Stake * Odds

For example

  • $100 bet at 1.9 odds yields $190; ($100*1.9).

Your initial bet plus a $90 profit make up the reward.

  • $10 at odds of 2.25 will net you $22.50; $10 * 2.25

Your initial bet plus a $12.50 profit make up the reward.

On the betting slip, online sportsbooks like W88 bookie will show the prospective return. You can evaluate various bets by merely glancing at the odds, therefore it’s useful to learn how to rapidly calculate it on your own.

Probability calculation using W88 decimal betting odds 

The more likely outcome is readily indicated by W88 sports betting odds, but not all favorites and underdogs are created equal. Let’s talk about implied probability. Essentially, we can convert decimal betting odds into the percentage of chance that each side will triumph:

Decimal odds and implied probability: (1/odds)*100 = implied probability

Examples include odds of 1.8 for the favored and 2.05 for the underdog.

  • Favorite: (1/1.8).*100 = 55.55%
  • Underdog: (1/2,05)*100 = 48.78%

You can get a better idea of the possibilities of either side winning by looking at the implied probability. When predicting outcomes of games, it can be useful.

What causes a change in decimal odds after the original release?

The odds for a game won’t always remain the same once they are made available. W88 bettors can profit when the side they wish to wager on has a more appealing number, but it can also go the other way. What then is driving the change in the odds? Usually, one of two situations occurs:

  • Information update: After the odds are published, a brand-new variable might show up, such as a serious injury or a change in the weather outlook. The probabilities might change as a result because this information wasn’t factored into the initial estimate.  
  • Sportsbooks will react to bets placed by seasoned (“sharp”) individuals or groups of gamblers. This knowledge frequently prompts a bookie to change a number, which in turn prompts rival bookies to change theirs as well.

A change may be extremely modest, like going from 1.91 to 1.87, or it may be more drastic, like going from 2.0 to 2.3. The best course of action for gamblers is to keep tabs on the action until it is time to put their bets.


Above is a summary of the necessary sharing about decimal odds in betting on W88 online bookie. Please read carefully and apply the knowledge of decimal odds when betting at W88 to win better profits.