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We do not just talk about fun and excitement; we actually make it happen. No matter whether you’re a pro or beginner – everyone can join in. It’s your responsibility to change your story. GIBET is headed by an experienced and well-versed management team. The team members have extensive professional experience of the gaming industry, making it possible to expand the team rapidly in line with the Group's dynamic growth while ensuring a healthy and safe gaming environment.

A Trusted name in Sports betting

GIBET is fully licensed and regulated in Nigeria. The rules and regulations listed in the Betting Regulations outline the company's policies on disputes. We at GIBET believe in fair play and adhere all guidelines and rules established by the regulating authorities.

Whether you are interested in online Virtual Sports, or looking to hit any of our JACKPOTS, , whatever kind of bet that keeps you entertained, you can be rest assured that GIBET is the new home. Place your bets on Dog races or other virtualsports on one of the flexible betting platforms in the world. There are numerous bonuses & offers as you want it.

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Since inception has created a niche for itself and customers where winnings [withdrawals] are processed within 00:00:30 seconds after withdrawal is placed.

Most importantly, provides its customers with the most convenient and accessible payment gateways which are almost impossible in the industry in recent years.

Our Affiliate system remains arguably the best since inception as it keeps empowering all and sundry.

With our Affiliate system, you can become a Boss of your own, giving you the opportunity to own a business that comes with lucrative benefits. To become one of our Affiliates, you can reach us via email or click the Affiliates from the page and we will revert as soon as possible.

Without further questions, GIBET have the best products, boosted odds, thousands of events and competitive commission structure etc in the betting industry.

GiBET offers a robust opportunity to startup Betshop business by becoming one of many sales outlets and promoting tried-and-tested products range.

An unlimited opportunity to earn huge money. Our products, training and support team will provide you with everything a self-motivated person needs to start and grow his/her own Betshop.

By offering customers the chance to play on over 50,000 events a month, providing great bonuses and the best odds, we make your job an easy sell.

For further information, please call 08021811777 or WhatsApp: 08088910403 or fill in and submit the registration form online. A GiBET representative will be in touch within few minutes.

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