Wales will host Finland in the European Championship play-off semi-finals in a bid to reach their fourth major tournament out of the last five.

Rob Page’s side must navigate the play-offs in March to reach the tournament in Germany next summer, with the semi-final taking place on March 21 in Cardiff following the announcement of the draw in Nyon, Switzerland.

The winners of the tie will play Poland or Estonia at home in the play-off final on March 26 for the right to play at Euro 2024.

Path A

Poland vs Estonia

Wales vs Finland

Path B

Israel vs Iceland

Bosnia Herzegovina vs Ukraine

Path C

Georgia vs Luxembourg

Greece vs Kazakhstan

Play-offs finals

Path A: Wales/Finland vs Poland/Estonia

Path B: Bosnia-Herzegovina/Ukraine vs Israel/Iceland

Path C: Georgia/Luxembourg vs Greece/Kazakhstan

Wales exactly where they thought they’d be post-Bale

Eight matches over eight months, but the job to reach Euro 2024 goes on. Gruelling and energy-sapping at times, yet there’s no time to dwell on what might have been. ‘What could still be’ is the task ahead.

Wales boss Rob Page will next week get his coaches and staff together as they plan for March’s play-off semi-final. The Wales boss has already made it clear that’s happening. Before then Page barely rests, less than an hour after full-time on Tuesday night he was anxious to keep going, keep on the move, keep the momentum.

Euro 2024: Who’s qualified and when is it?

In total, 24 teams will qualify through the results of the European Qualifiers which run until November 2023, and via play-offs scheduled for March 2024.

21 of the 24 teams are now known, with only the three teams to progress from the play-offs still to be determined.

When is the group-stage draw?

With the automatic qualifiers finishing in November, the Euro 2024 group-stage draw will be made on Saturday December 2 in Hamburg at 5pm GMT.

Who will be in which Pot for the draw?

The Group Stages

June 14
Germany (A1) vs A2 (Munich)

June 15
B1 vs B2 (Berlin)
B3 vs B4 (Dortmund)
A3 vs A4 (Cologne)

June 16
C3 vs C4 (Gelsenkirchen)
D1 vs D2 (Hamburg)
C1 vs C2 (Stuttgart)

June 17
D3 vs D4 (Dusseldorf)
E1 vs E2 (Frankfurt)
E3 vs E4 (Munich)

June 18
F3 vs F4 (Leipzig)
F1 vs F2 (Dortmund)

June 19
B2 vs B4 (Hamburg)
A2 vs A4 (Cologne)
Germany (A1) vs A3 (Stuttgart)

June 20
B1 vs B3 (Gelsenkirchen)
C2 vs C4 (Frankfurt)
C1 vs C3 (Munich)

June 21
D1 vs D3 (Berlin)
D2 vs D4 (Leipzig)
E2 vs E4 (Dusseldorf)

June 22
F2 vs F4 (Hamburg)
F1 vs F3 (Dortmund)
E1 vs E3 (Cologne)

June 23
A4 vs Germany (A1) (Frankfurt)
A2 vs A3 (Stuttgart)

June 24
B2 vs B3 (Leipzig)
B4 vs B1 (Dusseldorf)

June 25
D2 vs D3 (Berlin)
D4 vs D1 (Dortmund)
C4 vs C1 (Cologne)
C2 vs C3 (Munich)

June 26
F4 vs F1 (Hamburg)
F2 vs F3 (Gelsenkirchen)
E2 vs E3 (Frankfurt)
E4 vs E1 (Stuttgart)

Rest days on June 27 and 28

Round of 16

June 29
37 1A vs 2C (Dortmund)
38 2A vs 2B (Berlin)

June 30
39 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (Cologne)
40 1C vs 3D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen)

July 1
41 1F vs 3A/B/C (Frankfurt)
42 2D vs 2E (Düsseldorf)

July 2
43 1E vs 3A/B/C/D (Munich)
44 1D vs 2F (Leipzig)

Rest days on 3 and 4 July


July 5
45 W39 vs W37 (Stuttgart)
46 W41 vs W42 (Hamburg)

July 6
47 W43 vs W44 (Berlin)
48 W40 vs W38 (Dusseldorf)

Rest days on 7 and 8 July

The semi-finals

July 9
49 W45 vs W46 (Munich, 8pm)

July 10
50 W47 vs W48 (Dortmund, 8pm)

Rest days on July 11, 12 and 13

The final

July 14
W49 vs W50 (Berlin, 8pm)

Euro 2024 key dates

Remaining qualifying dates
March 21, 2024: play-off semi-finals
March 26, 2024: play-off finals

Final tournament
December 2, 2023: Euro 2024 draw, Hamburg
June 14, 2024: Euro 2024 opening game, Munich Football Arena (Allianz Arena)
June 30 – July 2: Round of 16
July 5-6: Quarter-finals
July 9-10, 2024: Semi-finals
July 14, 2024: Euro 2024 final, Olympiastadion Berlin